Whenever she smiled, it was only with her mouth. Her pearly whites fooled everyone. Everyone but me. I surveyed her eyes; she wasn’t truly happy.
Earlgr4y (9.16.14)
That’s the problem; no one can stay committed. You make plans with someone, they cancel. You tell yourself you’re going to do something, you decide not to. You put 100% into a relationship and only get back 35%. No one is devoted or committed to do anything and I find that very unfortunate. We lose half our lives backing away from something as simple as going out to dinner with some friends.
Advice Wanted!

I will be attending community college all day, two days a week for Fall Quarter and I currently work full time as a server at a retirement community. My hours there are 11am-7:30pm. I was thinking about getting a second job, only part time, and working in the early mornings (I was thinking Panera Bread or a cafe/restuarant that opens early for breakfast).

Has anyone worked two jobs AND attended school at the same time? Could you tell me about your experience and possibly give advice? 

Thank you so much!


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